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Webinar: MD development deliverables needed for NoBo submission under MDR

FHI-Medical Electronics event

Webinar: MD development deliverables needed for NoBo submission under MDR

On December 8 and 9, Unitron Regulatory will give a presentation at the Medische Elektronica; ontwikkeling en toepassingen event of the FHI.

Nico Zeeders, teamleader of Unitron Regulatory, gives a webinar on the 8th of December at 11.30-12.15 h. The presentation (Dutch) is about the new Medical Device Regulations which demands a medical device to be safe for handling and use throughout its entire life time:

  • How does this translate to individual components or materials? In other words, what information should a designer look for when selecting components or materials?
  • What information should a supplier provide to increase his changes of having his components or materials selected for use in medical applications?

We will look at the information necessary at each medical device life cycle stage, and how this translates further up the supply chain. Please register here to follow this webinar.


The Medical Electronics event is taking place for the first time and can be followed digitally. The focus of the event is on development, regulation and production of medical electronics and its areas of application. Current topics in this area include the accelerated development and production of medical devices to combat Covid-19, notified bodies and the new rules for medical devices (MDR). The event is free to attend via the livestreams, see this link for the full programme.